Classics/Score/Production/ Composing


What happened...2018/2019/2020

2018's thought was to learn Logic and just play II/IV Jazz changes all winter and get the standards I've studied years ago back into my hands as well as having fun with Electronic cool music. But, a new client wanted to learn ProTools and is a conservatory trained classical pianist not a guitarist. After our initial conversation he became a new kind of student for me. Along with him learning the process of Pro Tools, we began working on his music and then the doors flew open!

A great collaboration has happened and other similar kinds of people are joining me in my studio. It's a very exciting time.


The channels have changed in my daily listening.You have to always listen to learn and discover.

Works in progress...

I have created over 40 tracks of music in solo mode and in collaboration mode, mostly in 2019.

Some rough mixes/sketches are available on my Listen page as well as others that are still unfinished and waiting their turn to completion and sent off into the world.


Always looking for a common ground and also un-common grounds that work from their differences.

The past...

Along side touring and band commitments, I always did projects "outside" of that sand box. 

My adventures lead me into creating scores for numerous theater productions, choreographers, indie films, industrials, national TV commercials.

The Future...

There is never enough time in the day, but there is always tomorrow.

What does it take to make it "more better"...?


Michael Brooks

Jerry Ricks

Dennis Sandole

Calvin Harris

Joeseph Renzetti

Joe Sgro

Al Stauffer

Bob Spitz

John Charles Jopson

Mississippi John Hurt

Doc Watson

David Bromberg

Billy Goodman

Dan Gallery

Brent Edmondson

Cliff Hillis

Billy Burger

Vicky Vinton

Dale Melton

Kevin Killen

Eric Bazillian

Rob Hyman

Fran Smith

David Uoisikkinen

and especially Bob Lohrmann

Listening List

Where to begin?

Not in any order and always changing ...

Ryuichi Sakamoto

Philip Glass

Talk Talk

The Blue Nile

David Sylvian

Thelonius Monk

John Coltrane

Mycoy Tyner

Miles Davis

John McLaughlin

Brian Eno




Erik Satie

Samuel Barber

David Byrne

Laurie Anderson

Boz Scaggs

The Byrds

The Els

Karl Wallinger

Duncan Shiek

Randy Newman

Hans Zimmer