Avantgardeners Inc.

What you plant will be here for many years to come and how it effects people in many obvious and subtle ways will forever intrigue me.

Avantgardeners evolved rather quickly in the mid 90's when I took a break from "the music business" and decided to go the other way. Well, that business grew from me doing all the work/humbling labor myself, to having 12 full time employees, 5 big trucks, a small nursery, to learning to speak Spanish and point!

I've had the chance to surround myself with many very talented and knowledgeable people. Living in this area has provided me with a wealth of opportunities to explore all different phases of creating amazing outdoor spaces for my clients.

In 2001, I had the music door surprisingly open again once more.
The full time horticulture work was put on the back burner for a time.

Someone once referred to me as a Rock n' Roll landscape designer, well perhaps, I guess that's what it became!

2010 brought me back into during the summer in between touring. I designed a roof top terrace installation for a friend on trendy U street in Wash,DC.

I continue to consult with my past clients and friends as well as

many new avid avant-gardeners.

This Adventure never stops.....